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RTV Tooling

Polyurethane Accu Casts: the cost-effective way to simulate injection molded parts.


When you need only a few plastic parts or a very limited production run, 3D-CAM’s Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) rubber tooling is a great solution.

Using your SLA or SLS master patterns, we make rubber molds that are used to cast polyurethane duplicates.

RTV tooling gives you an inexpensive way to create highly precise parts perfect for prototypes or small production runs. With a robust variety of polyurethane materials available, with RTV we can create parts of tensile strength from soft to rigid, and build in varying levels of heat and impact resistance.

Offered in a wide range of colors, your polyurethane duplicates can be painted and textured to simulate injection-molded parts for marketing samples, presentations, or Trade Shows.

SLA Master Patterns
An SLA part is the most common master pattern for making RTV tooling. The shrink-compensated SLA part is finished to a 3A level with a coat of primer. The pattern is then measured, verified, and checked for quality before use in making the RTV tooling.
Metal Master Patterns
For accurate, highly detailed polyurethane castings, we generally use a metal master pattern for the fabrication of the RTV tooling. Aluminum is the best choice for making a machined master pattern. RTV rubber tooling and AccuCast parts are the ideal choice for:
  • High quality prototypes
  • Short runs of 25 to 50 units
  • Prototypes that require plasticity, high temperature, high strength and/or good flexibility


Partial list of Polyurethane materials include:

FLEX 40 FLEX 90 SRD 65
FLEX 50 RD 60 HRD 78
FLEX 60 RD 80 FR F-51FR
  RD 85 FR SD 9460
FLEX 70 RFD 75 SDC-765
FLEX 80 SRD 40 FC-565
FLEX 85 SRD 50 RC-783

+/- 0.005” or better for the first 5 Inches, +/-.02” for each additional Inch.Dimensional tolerances: