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Plastic Injection Molded Parts & Tooling

For Injection Molded Plastic Parts make 3D-CAM your ultimate resource.

Injection Molding is the ideal choice for:

  • Small to full scale production runs
  • High quality parts from a wide range of materials
  • The most economical per-part cost for high volumes of prototypes and parts.

Injection Molding Material Choices Include:

Dimensional tolerances:

  • Can be +/- 0.002”. Typical requirement is +/- 0.005”


  • From your CAD model to finished part – typically 2 to 3 weeks for simpler parts. 4 to 6 weeks for more complex components.
  • Production parts in as little as two or three days after approval of first article
All under one roof, our injection molding machinery can handle a wide variety of resins and colorants, producing high quality parts with incredibly quick turnaround.
Finishing types spacer
Tools are polished or textured depending on your end-use cosmetic needs. SPI defined mold textures are applied to provide external textures to meet your specific requirements.The highly accurate texturing we can apply to mold surfaces greatly enhances the appearance of parts. Texturing is done using a photographic etching process that allows great flexibility in pattern and design. With our expert staff assisting, you can choose from thousands of existing patterns. You can also customize textures by adjusting existing pattern size and depth, and 3d-CAM can also make custom patterns on request.Mold Preparation for Texturingspacer
Mold surfaces are prepared to a 240-320 emery finish for most texture applications. For textures and fine patterns with less depth a 400-600 emery is used.Texturing requires a series of draft angles to allow the mold to be removed cleanly without destroying the textured finish. We leave about 1.5° of draft for each .001” of pattern depth. Certain textures have minimum draft angles that work best but adjusting the depth of the pattern can reduce these if necessary.plastic_inject