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SRD 65


SRD 65 is a medium viscosity, economical and easy to handle two component urethane compound. This system cures relatively fast at room temperature producing tough, impact resistant castings. SRD 65 is recommended in applications where a resilient surface hardness is desired while maintaining good flexibility.


Hardness, ASTM D-2240 65
Specific Gravity, ASTM D-792 cured 1.15
Displacement ( 24
Elongation(%) ASTM D-638 70
Tensile Strength (at Break) psi, ASTM D-638 2475
Tensile Modulus, (psi) ASTM D-638 45,000
Tear Strength (pli) ASTM D-624 585
Linear Shrinkage (in./in.) 0.002
(16″ length X 1/2″ thickness) 0.0035


Mixed Viscosity (Brookfield) @ 750F (cps) 1400
Work Life @ 770F(250C), 1 lb.mass 10 minutes
Demold Time 770F(250C) 3 hour minimum, 1/2″ thick sections 2 hour or less in mass cast
Cure @ 770F(250C) 3 days