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RD 80 FR


  • Very high impact rigid material
  • No odor


RD 80 FR produces a very high impact rigid 80 Shore D material that is commonly used to make large computer housings, models of
all kinds, and artwork components. It provides a shorter working time which is 5 minutes, verses 15 minutes for RD 81 FR, and 30
minutes for RD 82 FR. The three systems produce the same physical properties after curing.


  • Computer Housings
  • Models of all kinds
  • Artwork components
  • Architectural models
  • Transportation cases
  • Levels, pedals
  • Miniatures movie props parts
  • Simulating injection molded parts


Hardness 80±82
Specific Gravity (gm/cc) cured 1.25
Displacement ( 22.3
Color White
Tensile Strength (psi) ASTM D 638-82 6,450
Elongation(%) ASTM D 638-82 4.0
Shrinkage (in./in.) ASTM D 2566-79 0.003
Tensile Modulus(psi) ASTM D 638-82 127,500
Izod Impact (Notched ASTM D-256 0.56


Mixed Viscosity (cps) @ 770F(250C) 400
Work Life @ 750F(240C) 5 minutes
Demold Time 3-4 hours
Cure Schedule For ultimate heat distortion the material should be post cured at 1600F(710C) for 6 hours. This gives a HDT of 1500F(680C)