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Services Overview

The most up–to-date rapid prototyping and 3D Printing techniques are all under one roof
at 3D-CAM.

With the latest laser technology, 3D-CAM uses stereolithography to create high quality prototypes and limited production runs for a wide variety of industries and crafts.

Our SL prototypes are 10 times more accurate than older manufacturing techniques, and you benefit from a much faster turnaround time than ever before possible.


Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing

For highly accurate industrial uses, 3D-CAM creates parts (from your .STL files) out of liquid plastic (light-sensitive liquid polymer) solidified
in precise patterns by a computer controlled UV laser beam. SLA parts are solid epoxy exact 3D clones of your original CAD model.

When you need short production runs or consumer-level products, let our 3D Printing technology create strikingly accurate prototypes
at very affordable prices.

Metal Parts (from Investment Casting)

3d-cam has a cost-effective solution for any type of metal prototype you need:

  • QuickCast (or Polyjet Wax) Patterns A cost effective solution for making complex metal prototypes in 1-2 weeks when only a
    few parts are require
  • Aluminum Epoxy Wax Tooling For quick turnaround on limited production runs of 5-100 units, your shrink-adjusted SLA patterns are
    transformed into molds that produce wax patterns used for investment casts to make ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts.
  • Epoxy Tool Wax Patterns

Metal Parts (CNC machining)

3d-cam has multiple Computerized Numerically Controlled machining centers that accept all industry standard software to mill prototypes of metal or plastic, as well as aluminum or steel molds. This same process is used for plastic injection molded parts. Our EDM units use minute high voltage electric scalpels to accurately craft even the smallest, most complicated designs.

RTV Tooling/Polyurethane Casting

Need only a few plastic parts? Room Temperature Vulcanized (RTV) rubber tooling is the perfect solution. 3d-cam makes rubber molds from SLA master patterns. These polyurethane duplicates are inexpensive, can be painted and textured to simulate injection molded parts, and are perfect for prototypes, trade shows, or small production runs.

Zap™ Tooling

For larger production runs, Zap Tooling offers ultra fast turnaround at an ultra low price. In 10 days or less, Zap Tooling produces high quality, high definition core and cavity molds from SLA masters, perfect for runs of hundreds or more plastic parts. A typical Zap Tool costs 20-50% less than a machined aluminum version, and plastic injection molded parts can be delivered in 2 to 3 days following customer approval.

Complete CAD-CAM Design Services

3d-cam offers a full range of design support, engineering consultation and finishing services. Our support team is there to assist you every step of the way, and we can even help convert your sketches or 2D drawings into workable 3D models and CAD/CAM files. Our extensive core competencies include advanced levels of expertise in:

  • 3D Printing
  • Pro/Engineer
  • Solidwork
  • Catia Interface
  • Unigraphics Interface
  • Mastercam
  • Smartcam
  • Pro/Mold
  • Photoshop

Full Service Paint & Finishing

In our on-site shop, each 3D-cam master is hand-finished, benched, and then verified for dimensional accuracy and surface integrity. We can paint and silk screen your prototypes to exact specifications, ensuring an extremely high quality appearance perfect for presentations, trade shows, etc. Our finishing services include:

  • 2A: Minimum surface sanding and bead blast finish. Ideal for engineering check models and form/fit testing.
  • Pro/Engineer
  • 3A: Each part is sanded, hand-finished, benched, and verified for dimensional accuracy and surface integrity.
    Ideal for marketing and trade show samples.
  • Paint & Texture:
  • After 3A finishing, parts are painted and textured to exact color match and specified texture.