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  • Exceptional abrasion and impact resistance
  • Contains no TDI, MDI, MDA, OR MOCA
  • Easy to Handle
  • Easily tinted to any color
  • Room temperature mixing and curing
  • Short demold times allows for production parts


Flex 90 is a urethane casting compound that is specifically formulated for high abrasion and impact resistance. It is recommended for use for the production casting of highly wear-resistance parts and linings. This product is a safe, easy to handle, room temperature mixing and curing system that does not contain TDI, MDI, MDA, or MOCA. Flex 90 is relatively insensitive to typical environmental moisture and will make good void free parts without the problems that some conventional urethane systems exhibit. Because of this product’s exceptional toughness and abrasion resistance, casting made with Flex 90 are particularly suitable for mineral process and metal forming industries.


  • Abrasion-resistance parts and linings
  • Bumpers and rub rails
  • Paper feed rollers
  • Potting and encapsulation applications
  • Semi-flexible molds
  • Metal forming die facings
  • Holding fixtures
  • Machinery base pads


Hardness 80±2
Specific Gravity, (gm/cc) cured 1.08
Displacement, ( 25.7
Color Buff Opaque
Tensile Strength (psi) ASTM D-412 2500
Elongation(%) ASTM D-412 275
Tear Strength (pli) ASTM D-624 180
Shrinkage, (in./in.) ASTM D-2566 0.003


Specific Gravity (gm/cc) Part A 1.12
Viscosity, (cps) @ 750F(240C) Part A 500
Initial Mixed Viscosity(cps) 2000
Work Life@ 750F(240C) 4 minutes
Gel Time (100 gm mass) 5 minutes
Demold Time@ 750F(240C)1/8″ thick section 1-2 hours
Cure Schedule Full cure in 3 days or post cure at 1500F(660C)
for 4 hours