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Paint & Finishing

In our on-site shop, each 3D-CAM master is hand-finished, benched, and then verified for dimensional accuracy and surface integrity. We can paint and silk-screen your prototypes to your exact specifications, giving you an extremely high quality appearance perfect for presentations, trade shows, etc.
Our finishing choices include:
2A: Minimum surface sanding and bead blast finish. Ideal for engineering check models and form/fit testing.
3A: Each part is sanded, hand-finished, benched, and verified for dimensional accuracy and surface integrity. Ideal for marketing and trade show samples.
Paint, Texture and other services: After 3A finishing, parts are painted and textured to exact color match and specified texture.
Paint or finish options:

  • Cosmetic or Non-Cosmetic Paint
  • Textures confirming to Mold-Tech® Finishes
  • Metallic Plating
  • EMI & RFI Shielding

Additionally 3D-CAM offers installation of hardware such as screws, inserts, helicoils, etc. and assembling finished parts when necessary.