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Food and Drug Compliant Polyurethane Material Medical Grade

Food and Drug Grade Polymers have been specifically designed for food
and drug applications. All of the products in the FDGP Series exhibit unique physical and chemical properties, are manufactured with FDA
approved material, and have been used in countless applications where FDA approval is required. FDGP Series fills the high current demand
for products that are used in food and drug applications.


  • Manufactured using FDA approved materials
  • Passes cytotoxicity testing
  • Passes extractable testing for USP Class 6
  • Passes cytotoxicity testing
  • Passes extractable testing for USP Class 6
  • Very high physical properties
  • ROHS compliant
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Easy to use

The food, drug, pharmaceutical, wine, beer, juice, dairy, hospital equipment, and prosthetic industries are just some examples of applications that require special products such as FDGP.
The manufacturer of these materials places extreme emphasis not only on the physical properties of FDGP, but also on cytotoxicity studies,
extraction testing, FDA acceptability, and USP Class 6 testing.

There are two FDGP Series:

FDGP Elastomeric Series

  • Various hardness elastomers, shore 20A – 72D
  • Clear in color

FDGP Rigid Series

  • Rigid, tough polymer alloy plastics
  • High heat distortion
  • High physical properties
Hardness Scale Test Method Hardness Shore
A Scale ASTM D-2240 20 A +/- 5, 35 A +/- 5, 55 A+/- 5, 65A, 80A, 90 A
D Scale ASTM D-2240 65 D +/- 5, 72 D, 76 D, 77 D, 80 D+/- 3, 85 D,