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ET 50


  • Improved viscosity for easier pouring
  • Does not contain VCHD or MDA


  • Molds for casting polyurethane, epoxy, polyester and other materials
  • Vacuum form molds
  • Wax casting molds
  • Compression molds


ET50 is an aluminum powder filled epoxy casting resin system that provides service temperatures to 350° F (177°C). ET50 is most commonly
used for the construction of molds that require good heat conductivity, outstanding durability, and that provide production run capability.
The majority of applications for ET are used in conjunction with other materials in developing composite mold structures.

The composites approach to mold construction uses ET50 as a binder for SC-124 Aluminum Granules. This mixture is cast behind a high
temperature surface coat, ET10 or ET15. This combination provides several benefits. The ET10 or ET15 surface coat provides exceptional
durability, and the aluminum granule addition to the ET50 provides vastly increased heat conductivity and reduced shrinkage. In addition
this method will decrease coast. Generally, the SC-124 Aluminum Granule is added at the rate of 60 parts by weight to 100 parts by mixed
resin and hardener. Larger amounts of aluminum granules are added when vacuum form molds, casting molds, foam molds, and other low
pressure compression type molds.


Hardness, Shore D ASTM D-792 90
Specific Gravity, (gm/cc) ASTM D-2240 1.69
Volumetric Weight, ( ASTM D-792 17
Compressive Strength, (psi) ASTM D-695 27,800
Flexural Strength, (psi) ASTM D-790 11,100
Flexural Modulus, (psi) ASTM D-790 1.06X106
Tensile Strength (psi) ASTM D-638 8,150
Shrinkage, (in./in.) ASTM D-2566 .002
Heat Deflection Temperature, (264 psi) ASTM D-648 311°F (155°C)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion, (in/in./°F) ASTM D-3386 1.9X10-5


Mixed Viscosity(cps) 15,500
Work Life@ 770F(250C) 60 minutes
Demold Time@ 750-80F(240-27°C) 16-24 hours