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A Sweet Ride to Market for Street Surfing.

“We came to 3D-CAM with what I thought was an almost impossible request: Make a full blown skateboard appearance model in 3 days, to present to a very important retail chain,” begins Geoff McKee, VP/Product Development at Street Surfing of Irvine, CA.

“Sure, it was an ridiculous deadline,” McKee continues, “but ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ is the nature of our industry. When we told 3D-cam we needed a painted and finished skateboard prototype with an ultra tight turnaround, they said ‘Sure.’”

“From project start to delivery, 3D-CAM actually beat our deadline, and delivered in just 2½ days. Starting Saturday at noon (from solid files we provided) they created an SLA prototype of the deck and wheels over the weekend then prepped and painted them by Monday afternoon. The parts were shipped to our office Tuesday morning for final assembly, and then placed in a mockup retail box. The whole project came off without a hitch, and in fact it was on a plane to New York for review on Wednesday, where we showed it to our customer who loved it.”

“I can’t say enough about their painting and attention to detail,” says McKee, “the colors and finish were excellent. 3D-CAM can deliver appearance models and fully functional prototypes for show and tell. Our sales guys were stoked, and so was our customer.”

“On another project,” says McKee, “we had a complicated order that required us to use several different CNC providers due to a tight deadline and the sheer number of aluminum parts to build. I was really impressed with how well the 3D-CAM team collaborated with my other shop, and took the initiative to triage the project and helped to make it run smoothly.”

“At Street Surfing we need a steady flow of prototypes to help us validate our designs, together with production-like samples to write orders in the marketplace. These samples help us show customers that we’re serious and credible, not just blowing smoke. When we needed a prototyping partner who wasn’t shy about an insane delivery schedule, 3dCam stepped up and met a very tight deadline,” states McKee “that’s why they’ve become our Ready, Fire, Aim resource.”